“The Owl Always Hunts at Night” by Samuel Bjørk #BookReview

32968548What a phenomenal read!!

When a troubled teenager disappears from an orphanage and is found murdered, her body arranged on a bed of feathers, veteran investigator Holger Munch and his team are called into the case. They are the best in the country as they also have reinstated into duty star investigator Mia Kruger. Mia was on leave, struggling with her own demons and looking for peace, but she could not refuse Holger’s call. Her boss needed her, so it’d had to do!

The story develops in a cold Oslo, in October, with the winter coming on rapidly. The country is freezing and so are the hearts of many people, as the young girl is found dead. The Norwegian police must find the killer soon! The narration is multidimensional and is one of its pros! There are different story developments, including almost every character mentioned in the book. As the suspects are piling up, so are their stories. This makes the reader part of the investigation, as all the evidences are provided open handed. Could that be the one? Why did he act like this? Is the behavior normal?

Bjørk’s writing is amazing! It is a book that gets the reader’s attention from the first chapter and holds it until after the last fullstop. It is a classic Nordic Noir and yet it is not! It is a dark creepy thriller that will get under the reader’s skin and won’t leave for a long time. Traumatic experiences can cause many different behaviors. It is visible in all the different suspects in Holger’s case. Something is wrong with each and every one of them and that is the beauty of it. Until there are not enough leads and the case cannot be held up in court.

Human relationships are there too. People’s feelings and everyday life. The routine that makes us bored and not grateful for what we already have. Our quiet life. The people we love and love us back. Our harbor.

The peaceful harbor is nowhere to be found in this story as it runs through the events. The really fast pace that follows the murder case investigation leaves no room for rest, no room for sleep as long as a twisted murder is free out there. But who could really believe it was him!?

“The Owl Always Hunts at Night” is second book in the “Holger Munch & Mia Kruger” series. Even though it can be read as stand alone, it would make more sense to read the first book in order to understand more on the characters’ background.

It is a Noir to enjoy!


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