“A Highland Ruby” by Brenda B. Taylor – A Review!

d9768-a2bhighland2brubyFlora Vass has lost her love to the New World. He preferred fighting savages than having a life back in Scotland with her. She has lost one man before on the fight, another one now to adventurous life. She cannot afford any more losses. She has two boys to support, one from her late husband, who has grown to a man of 13 years old, another little one, that was in her womb when his father left the country. Therefore, she decides to live her life, under chief Munro’s lead, and betroth to Iain MacKay, the son and heir of Chief Calum MacKay, to bring peace between the two clans.

Gavin Munro returns to Scotland and Fàrdach Castle to face his brother, Chief Andrew, regain Flora’s heart, and meet his son. He had left five years ago, tempted by his brother’s new wife, a lovely lady that had stolen his heart as well. Not wishing to disrespect his brother and chief of the Munro clan, choses to go on an adventure out to the New World. He has return a changed man. He now believes in God and prays for His support but also to thank Him.

The story evolves in the Scottish highlands of 1513. It is the story of the warrior that is destructed by the means of beauty, but will honor his code and his chief and will try to avoid conflict. The warrior’s honor back in the days was of great importance. It depicts  to today’s Code of conduct and the honor found within all humble people. And that is rather rare nowadays…

The book also speaks about true love. The lone woman that truly loves one, but is bound to not expect to see him again. The joy of the soul and heart when a loved one is found again. But also, the determination to win a loved one back and not spend any more time regretting the lost time.

Brenda B. Taylor writes historical romances featuring strong women and men in her Highland Treasures series. “A Highland Ruby” is the second book in the series, though it can be read independently. To take a sneak peak on the book and get to know of the author, check this Chill and read post.


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