“The Texan, a Tale of Betrayal and Revenge” by Anne Carey

29553783The story develops in Buena Vista, a small town in San Antonio, Texas. The year is 1980 and the Texas state is full of sex and drugs, as much as pretty any other state those days, and also some country music. The heroine, Janet, is a journalist from New York, off to a mission to write a story about six pack cowboys and the life in the South. She arrives in a diner where she so easily comes across some candidates for the photo shooting. One of them, actually claims and earns a kiss so quick, that gives the idea of what is to follow. The hero, BJ, is running a gentlemen’s club, more of a strip club, but this is not something he reveals to Janet. And that is his biggest mistake.

Janet finds love in BJ, her handsome cowboy. She also finds the difference is still there, between North and South. She is a Yankee to them, while they are racists to her. She is a woman all alone in a trip, working with Negros and having them as friends, let alone roommates is at least a felony. She should go back to where she came from. They, on the other hand, are KKK fans, Nazis, dysfunctional and racists. They need to come back to this century and realize that black people, Mexicans and any other non-white fellow is not a slave no more. There seems to be little or no respect to the human kind, if the so called human is not white!

The story is being narrated by many different people, Janet, BJ, and BJ’s parents, one at a time. This is not an easy task, yet it gives a picture on what each character is thinking. The overuse of sex and drugs in this book, is either done on purpose by the writer, so as to emphasize on the circumstances or is just a fact. One would not expect some of the scenes described in the book to be real, yet again, no-one can really tell, unless they’ve been there.

The book was offered by Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.



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