“Start Again (Start Again Series #1)” by J. Saman

31817167An easy read that would keep you company and make you sympathize for the heroes.

Kate was living an easy quiet life. She had a caring husband that loved her the most, her sweetheart and best friend, and a two-year-old daughter who she adored. All had to change rapidly on a working night. Kate is a nurse, so when she was called in the ER, she expected to see her lovely husband bringing her some ice cream. hat she found instead, was a sight that would traumatize her for the rest of her life. To try to cop with the pain and find a new life, Kate decides to drive around the country until she finds a place she likes and stay there.

Ryan is a man that wants to move to Seattle due to business arrangements but he does not fly. He is informed by his mother, that her friend’s daughter is about to drive the country and offers him a ride, so he contacts her to make it a fact.

The two of them will come close during this trip in ways they would not imagine.

This is a story about second chances in love and life and all around. It deals with the great grief of loosing our loved ones and the difficulty to overcome it. It deals also with great childhood loves, that do not fade throughout time and are regenerated on the suitable time given the space to flourish.

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