“My Trip to Adele” by R.I. Alyaseer, A.I. Alyaseer

31825835Adele, the singer, is performing in Verona, Italy, after many years. This fact alone is what actually connects  three different people from three different places in the world.

There is a young man in love, Elias.Elias is from Morocco, but is living in Rome for many years now. In a trip he took some eight years ago, he meets a girl, Malika, and falls in love with her. In today’s time, he finds out that black magic has done its part to separate the two of them therefore he decides to go back to the enchanting streets of Marrakesh to look for the love of his life and undo the wrong.

Then there is Nadia. Nadia is a single mother, living with her son in Amman, Jordan. The two of them have each other and Nadia is happy about that, even though she is struggling to maintain that for the past few years. She is having a terrible court fight with her ex-husband but she is not giving up.

And last, there is Yasher, who is a successful surgeon, husband to Mariam and father of two in Las Vegas, USA. Yasher is suffocating in his marriage to a very faithful and godly wife. Even though faith is what had originally brought them together, Yasher has come to reject that faith indirectly, rejecting his marriage instead.

The book describes different aspects of life, through the different heroes. We see the unconsummated love that has stuck to a moment in time, when all was steel and all was different. Would love be the same as we remember it after all so many years, or is there a possibility that people, things, circumstances evolve as time goes by? In the book we also see the life in Jordan and how different it is from the life in western world. In Jordan, the man, the husband can do pretty much what he likes, and can decide upon the lives of his family member. Being divorced and single mother is not the most common thing over there, so the struggle our heroine is going through is huge. For those not familiar with the customs it is educating, for those that are, could just ring a bell or work as a reminder and encouragement. The book also works on the married life of a couple and how things can become just a tiring everyday routine that consumes the couple and the love there was. Would that be possible to return?

A nice touch that the two writers have added to the book, is the fact that each chapter is a song. The chapter’s title is actually one of Adele’s songs. They also manage to include some lyrics of that specific song to the chapter itself. After all, Adele’s songs are poetry!


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