“And Never Let Her Go (Town of Destiny #1)” by Nancy Glynn

33516037A well written story about love and forgiveness!

Erin Donahue is a professional photographer living a lonely life in town of Destiny somewhere in the country of Illinois. She is taking pictures that she sends to famous magazines and authors to use as book covers and she grows her plants by singing to them. This is her present, but her past comes to haunt her. Some eight years before present day, she was leaving the dream having a career and a man who adored her to the maximum. Today, her secret is safe with her. No one will know why she had to leave all that behind and go hiding in the country.

Slade Callahan used to be fighting in Afghanistan side by side with his fellow soldiers. But he was fighting also his feelings. He was in love with his older brother’s girlfriend and there was nothing he could do about it. He used to have her picture on the barracks over his bed, first thing to look in the morning and last thing before he sleeps. When Erin broke up with his brother, he was also hurt. It felt as if she broke up with him too. Years after those days, he finds his brother dead, leaving two letters behind, one for his wife and one for Erin. Slade will do what he must to find Erin and give her that letter. He needs to know what his brother’s last words were, no matter what it will take him to get to that.

The story is about forbidden love and making decisions on others’ account, believing it is for the best, for everyone’s best. Letting people have a choice is better for them, but for you too. It will lift the burden of your shoulders and you will never have to think about what would have happened if! The message behind the book is as read in the title. When you find someone you love, you never let that person go! You have to fight to keep your loved one with you and you have to display all that love and affection. People can get very insecure, especially when they think there are no good for you.

The characters were real and the story was real as well. They had flaws, ups and downs and it wasn’t all miraculously solved and fixed. It took time to develop, while the heat between the two main characters  was shown from the very beginning. Even if they wanted to admit it or not.


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