“Chasing Dust Clouds” by Lilliana Rose

25941676Dusty is a woman living in the country. She runs a farm, the family farm, now that her father has passed away. She has her mother with her and a sister that is living in the big city. Life in a farm can be tough. but Dusty loves it being out there. The only bad thing is that it is taking all her time and even though she loves it it can be exhausted. The fact that there is no man around to help and support her, more in a moral way is not helping. As a matter of fact there are men around there, but they believe they know better on how to run a farm. And her ex is not a catch! He may be helping her from time to time, but he believes he has rights on her, which he doesn’t!

Braise is living in the city. He is working as an accountant and he is doing a good work too! He is after becoming junior partner at the small company he works for. This is his dreams, his plans for when turning 28. To pursue his dream, he goes on a trip to the country to meet with clients. His boss thinks that it is their turn to go close to the clients and work with them at their own environment. So Braise is taking the chance to work harder for the partnership. The only thing is he knows nothing about country and country life, so when he gets there, he becomes something of a gossip.

The way these two folks meet is surreal. Dusty is trying to handle a mob of ewes and Braise is trying to get to his clients with his shiny Audi. Not a joyful encounter! But anyway, they don’t seem to get off each other’s mind so, this is how the story begins.

It is a romance that is charging fast! The city man is overwhelmed by the country woman and he would do his best to have a chance with her. He even gets his hands dirty, being on a farm and all. This is a show off of what a man can do to get close to a woman. He also remains a gentleman the whole time, which is a very nice touch. He does not pushes things, rather he gives time for the romance to evolve! He even defends the woman he loves, which is what makes him the knight in the shiny armor!

That is a nice way to pass the time. A beautiful reading to spend your afternoon!


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