“The Magician’s Workshop, Volume One” by Christopher Hansen, J.R. Fehr

32948256All people in the islands of O’Ceea have some magical abilities! Whatever they imagine can be brought into existence, if only they try and practice a little. It is a whole new world with endless possibilities. The most talented people, those who are the masters of projection, they become magicians, gaining power, fame, glory and riches. This elite can work in the Magician’s Workshop, an honor that all people in O’Ceea seek, or at least almost all.

The wonderful world of O’Ceea is described in the first Volume of “The Magician’s Workshop”, along with the stories of Layauna, Kai, Talia, Kaso and the rest of the young adults and aspiring magicians. Their talents are described in the most colorful way, as are their aspirations. However, only those that have Color inside them, will be able to work in The Magician’s Workshop; talent is not enough despite the wonderful projections our little friends come up with. So the have to practice well and believe to themselves.

Fantasy books, describing new, different worlds with all kinds of life and abilities are sometimes hard to digest. This is not the case with “The Magician’s Workshop”. The two authors, have done a great job describing their world, O’Ceea, a bunch of islands left after the great flood, as they call it. The different communities there, have examples of our own world. What is emphasized in the book is the personal work and devotion someone has to apply in order to get their dreams come true! This is one great positive message to our youngsters, so different than the fairy tales about magic. Yes magic exists, but if you want to achieve something, you need to work for it!

Another theme on the book is companionship and cooperation. Some of the book characters are friends against all odds. Even they may not be allowed to hang out with each other, they still do as they would never abandon their friends. Under this circumstances, the gang joins forces to create something big, even if it is only for their own fun. However, when things turn bad, they all share responsibility as they ought to and they don’t put the blame on the outcast one.

“The Magician’s Workshop” is a book that captures the reader’s attention. It is a page turner for sure, as the reader becomes one with the characters and feels for them throughout their journey. It can easily be read by teens, young adults and adults; all those that still have a child inside them longing for some magic. The story ends abruptly, only to continue in the next Volume which is actually already available!

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