“Unraveling the Earl (Idyllwild #3)” by Lynne Barron

31223398Henry, the Earl of Hastings is considered to be a gift to women. He has a reputation of great stamina and he has gone through almost all Mayfair bedchambers. At the same time, he is a man of honor and propriety, son of a late countess, and member one of the most important and powerful families of London.

Georgie Buchanan, is a Scottish  woman, nearly a girl, that has lived a difficult life. She has done and she will do, whatever fits her needs in order to succeed in her schemes. She is one good actress when needed and a liar as such, though she has her own code of honor she would not betray.

When Henry and Georgie meet, a fire starts that is about to burn everything in its way. Georgie is after finding a solution to her biggest secret a mystery that has to be sold, and Henry’s mother used to hold many of its keys. Henry will fall for Georgie and her seductive play. The things he will live with her, were only in his imagination few days ago, if they did exist! For Georgie also will be an unexpected experience, one she never thought could happen to her, not at least after few more years!

The book starts of on a steamy erotic pace, as the two heroes meet and they instantly connect. As a matter of fact, that was a little disturbing, however, it played a role as it contributed to providing an overview of each character’s personality. A little further, when Georgie flees Henry after a very passionate night, the plot starts to reveal and it gets more interesting. There are many characters in the book, almost each one of them could give food for another novel, based on their actions and personality. The twists that followed in the story added to the plot in a very attractive way. It surely makes a hook for the reader to bite!

“Unravelling the Earl” is the third book in the Idyllwild series. However, it can be read as stand alone. It is surely promising for next to come!

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