“The Dog Who Dared to Dream” by Sun-mi Hwang

30651306This is the story of a dog named Scraggly. Born an outsider because of her distinctive appearance, she spends most of her days in the sun-filled yard of her owner’s house. She feels lonely, as her siblings do not accept her as equal, but this does not stop her from living, dreaming and wanting to find out what is there outside the yard.

Scraggly as a child is afraid of her mother. She does not accept her full affection like the rest of the puppies, only because she is different. Maybe she is not that strong as the first borns and she may not resemble neither her mother nor her father a lot, but she surely has something! This something is what others may be afraid of. Usually, when there is something we cannot understand or are not aware of, we are afraid of it. But the key is never to give up, and this is what Scraggly does!

Her most close bond is with her master, an old man, that shows her affection and love in short portion. Though this is enough for our little heroine to be loyal to him and try for his wellbeing.

This little book has many themes to go through. It goes through life and bonding, friendship and loyalship as well as fighting for what is right, fighting for freedom, fighting for the week ones and those that cannot defend themselves. It is a microcosm of the real world and real life and is a lesson to all of us.

This book is not about a cute dog that would make you smile and think of happy moments and lovely little puppies. It is a book of life, a lesson to learn, a read appropriate for adults and children after some age. Read it and it will make you re-think your whole life!


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