“Always” by Sarah Jio

30213116Kailey Crain is an accomplished journalist, writing for the Herald. A true humanitarian, a kind person, living in Seattle with her fiance Ryan. They are in the process of planning their wedding, which can be a really tense one, especially when at the same time the two of them are on a conflict of interest, because of the new development construction Ryan’s company is working on, and a shelter for people in need that Kailey supports. On the night the two of them are enjoying a romantic dinner, trying to keep away all that could possibly affect them, Kailey finds the long lost love of her life, living in the streets. A homeless thin person that does not even recognizes her. After that encounter, Kailey has the need to know what happened almost a decade ago, when Cade had suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth and her life eventually.

“Always”, the new book from Sarah Jio, coming on February 7th, is definitely a page turner! It is one of the books that will make the reader want for more as the story evolves. She has done an excellent job on the characters. They are well structured, even a little in the fantasy sphere, as most readers would not expect to find a forgiving person or a giving one, or even great love is out of the question nowadays for many… However, they characters do stick to their form, revealing their greatness throughout the book.

The themes expressed here are many and of much use for introspection. On one hand, there is the theme of one true love. The one that actually exists out there for all of us. Then there is what we would do for our true love. Would we sacrifice everything? Our current life is in order; would we threw all this away just to follow love again?

Another theme is humanism. Our actions for the greater good, that of others, whether we know them or not. True selfless actions to help others in need. To support people who are less fortunate than us. You don’t have to be on a non profit organization wandering all over world in pursue of people in need, to be considered as a humanitarian. You can be socially engaged by helping people in your own town, in your own neighborhood. Not all homeless people asked for it.

Sometimes events take an unexpected turn and the life you knew is not the life you live. So, as Sarah Jio shouts through here writing, don’t always judge by appearances! That’s a big and very useful lesson that we have many times be taught and many times have forgotten.

Have an open mind and more importantly have an open heart!

Thank you to NetGalley & Ballantine Books for an advance copy of this book.


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