“The Rakehell’s Seduction” by Lauren Smith – A Review!

33014572Ambrose Worthing is a notorious London Rake. His only purpose of life is to bed as many beautiful women as he can. When he hears of a wage on ruining his father’s best friend daughter, he signs himself on the wage, aiming to protect the woman by winning the wage himself.

Lady Alexandra Rockford prefers lining in the country with her father, rather than going from one London ball to another as her mother does the whole season. She got her heart broken once and she intends not to suffer again. Looking for a husband in London is not what entertainment means to her.

“The Rakehell’s Seduction” is the second book in the Seduction series, however it can be read as stand alone. The story of the first book is covered briefly, through memories, thoughts or revelations of the heroes and there is no blank space left.

The story evolves on a past time England, where each high society Lady would attend balls and festivities over a whole season in her pursue to find the right husband. The author gives us a picture of that time, while in parallel describes how this was not always a girl’s dream. This is a very romantic story, with a savior hero and a proud heroine that eventually find love!


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