“Releasing the Demons” by L.D. Rose

26063603Blaze Knight, a human-vampire hybrid, summoned by the US government under experimental research has suffered great amount of torture under captivity. The Vampires, were draining him from his blood, trying to bring the hidden beast inside him, to the surface. This time is long gone now, but Blaze will never forget it. He and his brothers, The Order of the Senary, are fighting vampires any way they can saving innocent humans from their fangs.

Valerie is a cop. A human. She hates vampires more than many other people. She has lost her little sister to them, and subsequently her whole family. Such a loss is not easy to contemplate. She has joined the force to become one of those vampire hunter cops and she is now a detective, spending every night hunting down those animals and trying to save her co-citizens. This is not an easy job, but she prefers it.

This whole book was a revelation. Paranormal Romance is not a preferable genre. Neither vampires and so. However, the writer has managed to keep a really high standard throughout the whole book. This is not just a simple vampire story. There is no simple love at first sight, get together, become one and so. There is a lot of emotion and character development.

The story about the hybrids is brilliant. The traits they possess, the gifts that were given to them, no matter how, are unique and a matter of discussion. All the characters in The Order of the Senary are there to make a point. They deserve one book each, which can easily explain why this is a series opening book.

The story is an adventure too. It is evolving fast and it wraps around a destroyed New York city. There is a story behind the destroyal as well. The Vampires have risen and they are holding control of a big part of the city. Manhattan is unreacheable, so speak.

Give it a go and you will love it.

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