“Black Bullet” by L.D. Rose

32716471Black Bullet, the vampire turned former FBI agent Jonathan Kerr is still out there, fighting the Vampires by the side of the humans and hybrids, continuing the job he started when still in the agency. He is under the Order’s wing, staying with them, fighting with them, making his life tolerable with them.

The thing is that when he turned, he somehow kept his consciousness. The monster however is still there inside him, growing stronger in his subconscious. The battle between them is fierce! It gets even worse when he meets Dama de noche, that beautiful smell that makes his heart move. Lawan.

Lawan Knight is a lost hybrid. She is found by Jon, fighting the Temhota just like him. There is hate in her eyes. Hate against all vampires, especially those that have the Temhota mark on them. She has every right to, as she has been tortured by the Gemini. Now she is after avenge. It is her life purpose and nothing is going to stop her until both Gemini are swept out of the face of the earth.

“Black Bullet” is the second book of “The Order of the Senary”series written by L. D. Rose. It is one of those series that will become a favorite! The world the author has her story going on, is a sort of dystopian future earth, New York so far in the series. The Vampires have taken over most of the city and people no longer walk in the streets after dawn. Only that, the monsters do not hesitate breaking into houses and killing humans for their blood supply or just for fan. The world is not safe anymore.

To help humanity defend themselves against the monsters, the United States of America government had created hybrids, with supernatural powers. But even they, are not enough. Both books in the series are fast paced action books, with a hint of romance in them to spice up the story and make it roll. The vivid descriptions make it more real. The storyline is great! It is a true page turner!!

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