“Tarnished – Hearts Ablaze” by Willa George Williams

33295583The story develops in the Oregon Trail back in 1857. Reverend Abraham Woodrow and his lovely young wife Lorena are heading fifteen of the families in the caravan. Only newlyweds they are, yet their love life is going through difficulties they could not imagine of. They will be helped by another couple, one not a married yet, Nate Curry and Josie Dubois. Their love is fulfilled before their bond, given that Josie is not so much of a lady as Lorena is. Even though, the couple decides to help the reverend and his wife, to support their own cause.

The storyline is a good and interesting one. The reader gets the feeling of the times, the life in a caran with many respectful families, as well as the ways of the far west. The author makes the characters of integrity and honesty. Those two may have not been the most common virtues on the trails back then, but we cannot contempt any of them.

It is a short and enjoyable story!

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