“About a Dog” by Jenn McKinlay – #BookReview

32570477The story is just lovely and adorable, but not in the ugly, messy, full of sugar, hearts and flowers way!

Mackenzie -Mac- Harris has a wonderful job she loves in Chicago. Away from her home town, Bluff Point, Maine. A place she tends to avoid, given that her fiance left her standing at the altar for one of the town’s rich girls. Mac was devastated and found comfort in the arms of her best friend’s off-limit little brother. After those two, she would hardly return to Bluff Point, if it wasn’t for her best friend’s wedding, Emma.

Gavin Tolliver, Emma’s brother, had a crash on Mac since he was a toddler, most probably. Once he had the chance to take her in his arms he found heaven. When she left town for ever, he could not do much, but continue his life, having her always in his mind. This is how he became a veterinarian and took over of the town’s practice. When Mac returns to town, even for only two weeks, he makes it the purpose of his life to win her, once and for all. The fact that Mac finds an abandoned puppy comes really handy, as he has more reasons to be with her.

It is really romantic, as the young fellow becomes a very attractive man, kind and caring and full in love. His pursue of the lady is fair and honorable as she is his first love. He respects her and her choices, while he gives enough room only to make it a little smaller, so he can be remembered and loved.

The woman in the other hand, has felt rejection in a really large scale. Being left at the altar, when the ceremony is about to start is like a big punch in the gut! All her loved ones, her friends, her family, people she knew and respected witness this behavior and felt sorry for her. This is one thing a woman cannot stand, along with a broken hand. So, as most women in her shoes, she flees town, other may had got locked in the houses, and decides to stay away of caring relationships with men she is attracted to. She doesn’t want to get hurt again!

The nice touch in the whole story, is the little puppy that can melt an icy heart of needed. The little puppy is the means to have all the walls broken down, all the barriers crossed over and two hearts become one.

Beautiful story that no-one wants to miss! Waiting for the second book in the Bluff Point series!!! “About a dog” is McKinlay’s debut in Romance! Chill and read highly recommends her to continue!!!


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