“From the Mist” by Alexa Dare #BookReview

33929270A steamy time travel romance by Alexa Dare. Book number 1 in the Hidden Cove Trilogy!

Reality cooking show host, Megan Forrester has planned a week’s vacation with her two best friends, touring on Maine’s lighthouses. While bringing a week’s supply over to the rented cottage, they spot a lighthouse through the mist and decide to visit! As the mist get’s thicker, they stop the car and try to see to their whereabouts!

Megan gets separated from her friends and ends up in a shore, losing her modern clothes, wearing an old rug instead. Her bare feet sink in the wet sand as she hears angry barking. Danger seems to approach when she bumps to a wide and strong chest of a gorgeous seaman. Her rescuer, Everett Quinn.

As it turns, danger that lurks in the shadows is Captain Zachariah Donovan the founder of the town. A powerful and mean person that wants to drain life out of Quinn and the likes of his, as he holds them accounted for his missing wife. Captain threats to take Megan away from Everett if his wife is not found that very night.

The Hidden Cove Trilogy starts on an adventurous and steamy way that is really promising! The time travel story that unfolds has a prophesy kind of background that is not to become known to the reader until the very end of the book. Looks like all three friends are to travel back to 1800s in order for this prophecy or promise to be fulfilled. The reader is expected to read about the other two girls’ trips to the past in the next books. Based on this first one, they are expected to be sizzling romances as well. And this is the intriguing part of the story, however, Megan and Everett’s story is complete as such.


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