“White Fur” by Jardine Libaire – A #BookReview

32025142The moment Elise sets her eyes on Jamey, she knows he is the one. But it is not going to be easy. Those two come from totally different worlds, even though they are neighbours in New Haven.

Elise has run away from home, if that is what somebody can call a housing project, a destroyed family, a father never met, a mother that totally loves her, but is abused by her boyfriend and there is no much she can do about that. One day, Elise decided she should stop playing mother for the little children in the family, should stop depositing part of her hard work earnings to someone else’s pocket. She decided to live for herself.

Jamey Baltazar Hyde is old money, junior in Yale. He and his buddy Matt have known each other since toddlers. He has been through sailing yachts to private jets, preparing himself for his heritage on the family’s investment bank, while staying away of his Hollywood actress of mother. He calls his father by his first name, Alex, as he rarely sees him, especially now that he has a brand new family according to the Hydes’ standards.

The love story of Elise and Jamey is like no other. Mostly because it goes around in the eighties, when things were so decadence and crazy, but in a way so close to now. The whole story brims with 80s atmosphere all the way. The drugs that are everywhere, the cigarettes that are being smoked in and out of houses, the crazy and dangerous East Village neighborhood that brings up the beauty of New York City of the time.

A classic story of old money that never experienced poverty or roughness in everyday living. The difference between the Yale student and the one that never even graduated high school as it was of highest importance to make living. The easiness to find a job, the  ongoing construction, the skyscrapers that were not threatened by anything.

All can be it and it can be all…


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