“The Breakdown” by B.A. Paris #BookReview

31450633B. A. Paris’s second book is as amazing as the first one, “Behind Closed Doors“! “The Breakdown” is a book you can simply not put down!!!

Cass is in trouble having peace of mind as she starts forgetting things and has a feeling she will end up like her mother. She is having a mental breakdown after hearing of the killing of a young woman at her neighborhood. A woman she knew and believed she could have saved, if only she had stopped at that deserted road in the middle of the storm. But she didn’t. So guilt eats up on her.

Her husband is very understanding and supports her every way he can. He would be furious to know she took the shortcut home through the woods, so she cannot tell him that she broke her promise, took the shortcut and end up not helping a woman in need. He is very understanding with her forgetting all those things, but when the things start to get more serious he is really concerned.

“The Breakdown” is what happened to Cass. A woman that had blindly trusted her husband and her best friend, the two people she loves the most. Thank goodness she has them, but she has to keep secrets from them and this is what is tearing her apart. This and the fact that without this knowledge, they cannot justify her fear and obsession that the murderer may be after her.

Just like in “Behind Closed Doors“, the reader knows all the story from the beginning and can guess a thing or two on what is behind all the fuss. Like why Cass is having a nervous breakdown, and if she is actually becoming like her mother or not. There are some pretty clear hints on those two. The one thing the reader cannot guess is the identity of the murderer and the motive.

The beautiful thing about Paris’s books is that you understand what exactly is happening, what is the wrong thing in the situation and you live it along with her characters. And when they find a way to leave the torturous environment they have been into, you are happy for them. The author does so with the bad guys in her books, that they seem to be able to pull their act to the end, in a pure flawless way. The reader tries to find a way through for the victims in the story until the story itself turns around and the villains stumble upon their own trap. And there is justice served!

“The Breakdown” will be released in US in July by St. Martin’s Press.


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