“Wired” by Julie Garwood #BookReview

23398634“Wired” is a mind blowing book by Julie Garwood!

Allison Trent, a beautiful, hot and amazing college student is on her senior year. When she’s not studying, writing code or hacking around she is modeling for a fashion designer. She has a mind that is wired different to other people, more like a computer itself, therefore she gets along with her laptop!

Liam Scott on the other side is a hotshot FBI agent with a leak to attend to. He needs this sorted out quick, if only for the bureau’s smooth operation and flawless case handling.  He has to get Allison on his team, if he wants to stop that person that leaks case information all over the media. Only that she does not want to be part of this, as she does not want Agent Scott to find out about her secrets in her hacking world.

The book is written in two point view, Allison’s and Liam’s while it mostly provides Allison’s view. It is a rather complicated story that involves many different aspects. The author uses the approach to give more into what Allison is like, her character and her behavior in each incident. She is not the girl next door, that’s for sure. She is displayed as a really beautiful woman, a head turner actually, while she has the brains of Einstein or close! Usually nerds don’t have an amazing appearance and this is what the author wanted to shout. Great looks does not necessarily mean no brain! On the other hand, big brains does not necessarily mean no feelings or sensitivity!

The hero in the story is a very clever and very musculling one. He is an FBI agent and an Alpha male by definition. He is highly respected in his field of work and he is overprotecting when it comes to the woman he loves; even though he doesn’t want to admit that he has so deep feelings for her .

The different incidents that were used to fill in the puzzle were a nice touch to the story. The author used different angles to add to it, which was really enjoyable. It was also great that it was not all into the hacking, coding and computer talking, unlike many other books. Therefore average readers could understand the plot without having to google the terms!

The pace was a plus as well! It started a bit slow, to provide the reader with all views in the game and then it went faster and intriguing! The romance was blended with the mystery pretty nicely providing an interesting and suspense read.


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