“The ABCs of Being Me” by Theresa A. McKeown #BookReview

35172523“The ABCs of Being Me” is a beautiful collaborative book for youngsters and adults I would say. It is a book about learning new and beautiful words and learning ourselves too! It is a mirror of one’s soul!

The author takes the alphabet, and for each letter she chooses a word.  But that’s not enough to capture the reader’s attention. She creates a poem around the word, posing a question and answering it through the poem, or making a statement with it. Something that will open the reader’s mind. Then she asks the reader to think how they would answer the question. There is a free page after each poem where the reader is encouraged to write, draw, glue photos or anything else that would answer each question or reflect the meaning of the poem.

It is a marvelous exercise, both for children and adults. It is a therapeutic book for loneliness and depression. It is a lovely way to express oneself. It can be a beautiful scrapbook to remind oneself of that specific period in their life.


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