“The Leftover” by Brooke Williams #BookReview

34448511Megan will find more than love in this romantic comedy that will keep you company in a sweet and leisured time. She will find her confidence and that is what the fuss is all about!

Megan Malone is a geek, shy, stay-at-home person, avoiding social life if she can. Her sister Molly, though is a different story. She is outgoing, loveable, active and sportive. Molly loves “Survivor” show and when the local channel is setting up a similar local show, she is right into it. When she gets rejected due to pregnancy, she convinces the produces she will bring her replacement her own. The replacement she has in mind is no other than her sister. And Megan would do anything for her sister, even going to a Survivor-like TV show.

Cane Trevino is recovering from a heartbreak. The woman he thought to be meant for him, chose to be with someone else and this is something he never saw coming. He is now the medic in the new show in local TV, in parallel with his normal job as a paramedic. Work will help him not think about the love and the woman he lost.

It is not the first time to read a book that is actually telling the story of a reality TV show, but it is a good one! The atmosphere is not only about the game but it is also on the character that it focuses on. Megan is a person that would never file for a TV show. She is shy, clumsy, avoids social life, cannot meet people’s eyes easily and does not leave her house is she does not have to. She is not confident, she doesn’t believe in herself and in her capabilities. She is like most teanagers, only a little older. This theme is wonderful to write on.

Through the book we see Megan’s transformation to a person that overcomes her fears and complexes and evolves to a complete human being. She even finds love, as she finds the courage to look someone in the eye and even go and talk to people. This big challenge is what pushes megan out of her shell. Same goes with everything we are afraid of. And that is a positive message. To overcome our fears and weaknesses, all we need to do is phase them, get into a situation that we actually have a really good reason to do things that otherwise we wouldn’t. Like if it was a survival issue or a matter of doing something for someone we love.



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