“The Other Girl” by Erica Spindler

31450532Now that is a great mystery book!

Officer Miranda Rader of the Hammond PD in Louisiana is known for her honesty, integrity, and steady hand in a crisis—but that wasn’t always so. Miranda was a young girl once, that made a lot of mistakes. Those mistakes cost her a lot in the past and she never wants to be that girl again. The past however will come back to haunt her.

When Miranda and her partner are assigned to investigate a homicide case, nothing is like following standard procedure. Chief is first in the scene. The victim’s family is informed without the presence of the lead investigator. Even Miranda’s own fingerprints are found in the scene while show wore gloves throughout scene investigation. Someone is trying to set her up.

The story comes clear from the very beginning. The reader gets to know Miranda and how she operates as an investigator. In the meantime, the reader gets to know of her past, her family and the girl she used to be. There is also the traumatic incident that sent the heroine to juvie, which is also the key to what is to follow.

The author intertwines the past story into the present one like a virtuose. All cards are open as to what happened, what didn’t happen, how did what in the past. The only unknown is, who is today’s killer, who is the person that is trying to frame Miranda for the murder?

The story evolves mainly around the facts and evidences found. The revelation of who is responsible for the horrosity that happened in the past. Until the time that Miranda becomes main suspect for two murders and her lawyer suggests she finds out why this is happening to her. This is the critical point when the main character realizes what happens and the reader has two suspects in mind, or basically one. The second was not such a strong suspect, but would indicate a major twist. Even so, it is a suspenseful story.

It’s all about revenge. It’s all about justice.



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