“Black Dawn” by Mallory McCartney #BookReview

33851538A Fantasy story in a new world that will blow your mind!

Emory is a plain girl living alone. One night the lights go off at her apartment and her whole life changes. Nothing will be the same again and almost anything she knew is fake! How is she going to comply to this new life? And why did she had those nightmares for all these years now?

This is how abruptly the book begins and the reader is transferred right into the action. The author does not spend any time to give hints on the characters. She rather lets them to be revealed throughout the course of the story. The reader gets to know of them, firsthand, as the story is being told from many different point of views.

There is Memphis, the strong Commander of the Academy. He is their leader and they trust him. When they find out he has been lying to them, he will have to prove himself for them to trust him again. He seems to be also a man in love. However, from what is hidden between the lines, he has his own agenda.

Emory is the long lost heir to the throne that Adair has arrogated. But she has been away all these years, while her people have suffered. Now, she has to re-gain control of the government and restore peace. But how easy is that? And what happens when her heart falls for a man? Does she have the courage to go through with it?

Brokk is a favorite, from the very beginning. He is the guy that has lost the most and he is still suffering. He is the one that will always help those in need and in good cause, no matter how this makes him feel. He is the quiet power that is expected to explode some time soon, maybe in one of the next in the series.

There are more characters that hold parts of the story and that is one of the captivating abilities of the author to bind the reader to the story. It is a fascinating story all along, with people fighting for their freedom, one of the strongest motives ever. But McCartney has a way to twist and turn the plot to make it more appealing and to provide a view that no one would imagine.



Black Dawn


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