“Ruin Me” by Bella Love-Wins & Shiloh Walker

Ruin MeBella Love-Wins & Shiloh WalkerPublication date: September 26th 2017Genres: Adult, Romance Angel I should know to keep my guard up when this dark, damaged stranger saves me. But I don’t. His tortured soul draws me in for one hot, sinful Vegas night. Then I learn what he is. An irresistible liar. I should back… Read More “Ruin Me” by Bella Love-Wins & Shiloh Walker

“Charm” by J.A. Armitage

Charm (A Cinderella reverse fairytale) J.A. Armitage(Reverse Fairytales, #1)Publication date: September 26th 2017Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Young Adult You all know the story of Cinderella… The kingdom needs an heir and Princess Charmaine is quite aware that the job rests solely upon her shoulders. The problem is, she has no intention of ever getting married,… Read More “Charm” by J.A. Armitage

“Beyond the Mist” by Casi McLean

Beyond the MistCasi McLean(Lake Lanier Mysteries, #2)Published by: The Wild Rose PressPublication date: September 15th 2017Genres: Adult, Romance, Time-Travel Piper Taylor concedes she’ll never fall in love, until a treacherous storm spirals her into the arms of the handsome Nick Cramer. Unrelenting remorse over a past relationship haunts Nick, but he can’t deny the mysterious… Read More “Beyond the Mist” by Casi McLean

“Savages” by Natalie Bennett Cover Reveal!!!

Savages Natalie Bennett(Badlands, #1)Publication date: January 24th 2018 Genres: Erotica, Romance Calista “I am the monster they created. I’m the whore they’re ashamed of.” When life tried to break me I grabbed that b*tch by the throat and squeezed. I thought I could overcome anything. I swore I could handle him, but after being forced… Read More “Savages” by Natalie Bennett Cover Reveal!!!

“A Dead Ringer for Katie ROCK STAR” by Tia Brady

A Dead Ringer for Katie ROCK STAR by Tia Brady Tia BradyPublication date: September 19th 2017Genres: Mystery, New Adult, Romance She was only there to pay off a debt… Local Courier and Company Rep. Katie Cass of Cass Construction, Inc., is thrown into dangerous bay waters investigating a visiting Rock Star and his band. The… Read More “A Dead Ringer for Katie ROCK STAR” by Tia Brady

“Mad Love” by Shana Vanterpool

Mad Love Shana Vanterpool(Guns & Ink Series #1)Published by: Swoon RomancePublication date: September 25th 2017Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance She was a disruption he never wanted. He was everything she distrusted. Klayton Caldwell owns a tattoo shop in Denver, Colorado, and has seen just about everything and met just about every kind of person. And… Read More “Mad Love” by Shana Vanterpool

“Χιονισμένος Μάης” από τη Sarah Jio

Γράφει η Γεωργία Κωστοπούλου   Ο “Χιονισμένος Μάης” είναι ένα βιβλίο που θα συγκινήσει. Οι μητέρες ειδικά θα ταυτιστούν, θα πονέσουν και θα κλάψουν διαβάζοντάς το. Σιάτλ 1933. Η Βέρα Ρέι, καληνυχτίζει τον τρίχρονο γιο της Ντάνιελ με ένα φιλί και φεύγει για τη βάρδια της στο ξενοδοχείο Ολυμπίκ. Είναι η εποχή της ύφεσης και… Read More “Χιονισμένος Μάης” από τη Sarah Jio

“Sweet Reality” by Laura Heffernan #BookReview

Release Date: September 5, 2017   Synopsis SUGAR, SEA SALT, AND SHOW BIZ Jen Reid’s life after walking off a reality show has been great–she’s gone from being a broke twenty-four-year-old Seattleite with no love life and no job to the twenty-five-year-old who got the guy, moved to Miami, and is starting a bakery with… Read More “Sweet Reality” by Laura Heffernan #BookReview

“Hard Drifter” by Debra Kayn

Hard DrifterDebra Kayn(Notus Motorcycle Club, #3)Publication date: September 14th 2017Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense A sexy, gripping romantic suspense… She has three rules: No marriage. No children. No promise. He’s going to love her. Thad Bowers, Vice President of Notus Motorcycle Club, searches for missing persons when he’s not punching the clock at Port Loaders. He… Read More “Hard Drifter” by Debra Kayn

“Christmas at the Lake” by Charlotte Blake

Christmas at the Lake Charlotte Blake(Great Escapes, #2)Publication date: September 12th 2017Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Sometimes love gets forgotten … Hugely successful Lexi Stuart is used to guys pursuing her, but for all the wrong reasons. Sure, she’s beautiful and rich, but the men in her life never seem to want anything more serious than… Read More “Christmas at the Lake” by Charlotte Blake

“Train to the Edge of the Moon” by Asper Blurry

Train to the Edge of the Moon Asper BlurryPublication date: October 28th 2016Genres: Contemporary, New Adult Punk is no ordinary millennial who takes the life as it is. She has a nasty habit of getting in troubles, she shows the middle finger to prejudice and stupidity, she fights against her broken identity and darkness of… Read More “Train to the Edge of the Moon” by Asper Blurry