“The Rehabilitation Of Master Dillon” by P. Nelson

Author: P Nelson
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 102
Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM

Master Dillon is the resident porn star of the cage and at one time was the most famous Dom in the industry. Unfortunately, accusations of abuse by his former full time submissive and fellow adult performer threaten to ruin his career. More than this, Dillon is deeply affected by the idea he might have been abusing his former sub during their Dom/sub relationship and goes through a crisis of conscious.
Luckily for Master Dillon, his friends at The Cage, the most exclusive BDSM club in Vancouver, are more than willing to get Dillon back into his leather pants and spanking subs asses. The newly hired shrink of The Cage, Calla Jones guides Master Dillon through the steps he needs to get his confidence as a dominant partner back.
He is well on his way to recovery when his former submissive and accuser comes back into his life and threatens to take everything from Dillon once and for all.

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“Donnie, what do you think would have happened if you’d made contact with an actual person?” Dillon stood staring at one of the men he was supposed to be training to use a three-foot whip.
“I don’t know,” Donnie said sheepishly as he looked between the mannequin he
was practicing on and Dillon. Shaking his head and trying to gain control of
his temper, Dillon stalked forward and put one arm around the shoulders of the
training mannequin.
“Let me explain it to you because you obviously didn’t read the material I sent
home with you last week.” Dillon’s throat was tight as he did his best not to
yell at his student. “You would have fucking opened up her skin.” He enunciated
each word for impact. Donnie flinched. “Your poor sub would have needed
stitches to sew her flesh back together. Is that what you want to do to some
poor sub who has placed her trust in you?”
“No, Master Dillon,” the other man replied immediately. He appeared to be
remorseful, but Dillon was not in the mood to ease the other man’s fears.
“Are you sure? Because we’ve been meeting for the past four weeks, and every
time it comes to a demonstration, you’re sloppy and ill-prepared.” Dillon
stepped away from the mannequin and pointed a finger at Donnie. “I wouldn’t let
you near my worst enemy’s sister. As it is, I think the mannequin has taken
enough of your abuse. If you don’t start taking this seriously, don’t bother
coming back next week.”
“You’re going to kick me out of the class?” Donnie looked shocked. “Come on,
Master Dillon, you can’t kick me out. My girlfriend really wants this.”
Dillon’s jaw clenched tight for a second before he barked out, “What did we
discuss here on the first day, Paul?”
“We had to discuss the reasons why we were here and whether or not they were
the right reasons,” Paul, one of Dillon’s best students automatically replied.
Donnie’s shoulders slumped, and Dillon sighed. It wasn’t this guy’s fault. The
recent popularity of alternative lifestyles, not to mention a hugely successful
book series, had made kink cool. Unfortunately, not everyone who wanted to be a
Dom could actually get there. The door to the room where he was holding his
evening BDSM training class opened, and a familiar woman stepped inside. He
ignored the newcomer and focused on Donnie.
“Donnie, everyone has been where you are right now.” He tried to make his voice
seem sympathetic and soothing. “But the fact of the matter is that if you don’t
take this training seriously, there’s no way in hell I’m going to sign you off
to play with a real, living, breathing person. You’re going to have to make a
decision as to whether BDSM is for you regardless of your girlfriend’s
“But she’ll dump me if you kick me out of this class.” Donnie’s shoulders
slumped, and Dillon’s empathy button clicked on. “Listen, man, she has to
understand that maybe being a Dom isn’t for you. Why don’t you talk to Miss
Jones about other options in the BDSM world.” Dillon was not about to outright
suggest that Donnie was a sub and should let his girlfriend tie him up and beat
his ass. After all, they were in the middle of a group of dudes, and that was
Calla’s job.
“We can discuss this with your girlfriend at the next couples meeting, Donnie,”
Calla Jones spoke from where she stood by the door. Dillon glanced in her
direction with a look of relief. The psychologist for The Cage, the most
exclusive BDSM club in
Vancouver merely
nodded in return.
“All right, gentlemen.” Dillon focused on everyone else in the class. “We’re
done for the evening. Keep practicing with your single tails. I want to see
some marked improvement and read the chapters on flogging and blood circulation
for next week. See you then.” Dillon spoke to a couple of men with questions as
he packed up his black kit bag.
“It looked like you were having fun.” Calla approached once all the men left
the room.
“You have to do something about Donnie. He’s not a Dom,” Dillon said to Calla.
“Why in hell did you let him into this class?”
“He wanted to try.” Calla shrugged a shoulder. “I told him he was more on the
submissive side, but he really wanted to give the whole Dom experience thing a
go. As I said in the beginning, I will bow to your experience on the matter. If
you say Donnie is out, I will talk to him about joining the male submissive class.”
“Fine. I don’t want him here. He doesn’t do the work, and he could really hurt
someone,” Dillon said before bending down to start taking apart the stand for
the mannequin. “For that matter, I don’t think training junior Doms is really
my thing.”
“Really? From where I was standing I thought you were doing a great job,” Calla
voice sounded as if she were smiling.
“What’s the point anyway, none of these guys will be playing at The Cage,”
Dillon grumbled.
“We’re doing community outreach, remember. Teaching responsible and safe
practices in the BDSM community so people don’t get hurt. Just think of all the
subs’ asses you saved tonight.” Calla beamed down at Dillon as he looked up.
“That’s ten swats for swearing, sub,” he growled at her.
“I’m not your training sub anymore,” Calla pointed out.
 “Nope, but I’m still going to spank your ass if you get lippy,” Dillon’s
smile was genuine as he took in the look of horror on Calla’s face when she
realised he was serious. “Besides, are you going to play with any of the big
bad Doms who are slobbering to get their hands on that backside of yours?” he
asked even though he knew the answer.
“I’m not ready.” Calla’s voice had grown tight, and Dillon turned his attention
back to dismantling the stand. “Besides, I’m here to talk with you.”
“Our session isn’t until Thursday,” Dillon replied absently. He had been seeing
Calla as a shrink for a month or so now. She was helping him get past his
issues with an ex-sub who accused him of abuse in the Dom/sub relationship.
“I realise that,” Calla responded and moved out of the way as Dillon stood up
and held the mannequin under one arm and the stand in the other hand. “But
you’ve made such good progress over the last few weeks, I think it’s time you
took your first steps towards being an actual Dom again.”
“Like having sex?” Dillon said with a hopeful voice. “When I agreed to not to
have sex until you thought I was ready, I had no idea it would take so long to
be ready. I mean, I haven’t had such a long dry spell since I was….” He thought
about it for a minute. “Well, never actually. I’m a porn star, and before I was
a porn star, I liked to have lots of sex.”
Calla smiled broadly at him, and her response made Dillon feel good. He was
slowly learning to joke around again. “Yes, I think you’re ready to get back
out there and have sex.”
A mixture of trepidation and excitement went through Dillon at the prospect of
having a submissive under his care. Working her body for his pleasure and hers.
He placed a false smile on his face. “Great, I can’t wait to tie up some poor
sub and spank her ass.”
“That’s going to have to wait.” Calla’s expression grew serious.
“What do you mean? You said I could get back into the saddle again?” Dillon’s
eyes narrowed on her face. “Don’t tease me, woman.”
“Yeah, I said you could have sex again, Dillon. Vanilla sex.” Calla went over
to where he had left his kit bag and winter jacket and picked them up. “I’ll
help you to your car.” She walked to the door. Dillon was still dumbstruck as
he followed her movements, his mind spinning over all the possibilities of this
calamity. Calla opened the door and held it.
“I can’t.” Dillon finally said before shaking himself out of his stupor.
“You were rather excited by the prospect a moment ago,” Calla pointed out.
Dillon readjusted the mannequin under his arm and walked towards the door. “I
was excited about the prospect of having normal sex with a woman or two. Not
to, you know, go missionary on some chick.” He stepped into the corridor of the
community centre, and he watched as Calla flicked the lights off. She turned
and handed him his jacket. He carefully balanced the mannequin against the wall
and laid the stand on the ground before he shrugged into the warm garment
quickly before picking up the mannequin and stand again.
“No bondage, no spankings.” Calla let the door fall shut behind her. “Anything
else is up for negotiation with whoever takes your fancy. There’s more to
vanilla than just the missionary position.”
“But that’s the point.” Dillon felt his panic rising at the thought of just
having sex with some woman. “There’s no contract, there’s no negotiation. How
the hell am I supposed to know what she likes and doesn’t like?”
Calla laughed as they walked past the reception desk of the community centre
and a woman waved them off. “You’re going to have to do what all the rest of
the men in the world do.”
“But they’re idiots,” Dillon announced as the fresh night air hit him. It was
full winter in
Vancouver, and he
could see frost already blanketed the ground. He stopped at the trunk of his
Benz and fumbled around in the pocket of his jeans for his key fob. “Where the
hell am I going to find someone to have vanilla sex with me? I haven’t even had
vanilla sex since way before I started doing scenes on film.”
“I’m sure there are innumerable women who would be willing to have vanilla sex
with you, Dillon.” Calla’s tone was less reassuring and more exasperated. “Just
use that famous charm on some poor girl, and I’m sure you’ll be into her pants
in no time.”
Dillon finally pulled the fob out and pressed the button for the trunk to open.
“Women have certain expectations when they fuck me, Calla.” Dillon wrestled the
mannequin into the trunk of his car and was thankful it was only a torso. “They
want the whole Master Dillon experience, not some vanilla rip-off.” He reached
over and plucked his kit bag out of Calla’s hands and set it in the trunk
before shutting it.
“That’s exactly why you need to have some vanilla sex. Just once. You need to
go back to the beginning and remember what you loved about fucking in the first
place.” Calla stood with her shoulders up around her ears to keep warm, and
puffs of white cloud came out of her mouth as she spoke.
“Twenty smacks,” Dillon said automatically. He thought over everything she
said. Maybe she had a point. Besides, the thought of doing a scene at the
moment still gave him cold sweats. “I’ll walk you to your car.” They were
silent as they crossed the parking lot, and Calla unlocked the door to her car.
Dillon wanted to tell her she was crazy, and he still had loads of misgivings
about trying to find a girl who would have vanilla sex with him, but Calla had
really helped him during the past few weeks. She helped him even though he knew
she was still hurting over his friend’s rejection of her submission. She was a
great lady, and he owed it to her to see her therapy through.
“Yeah, ok, I’ll do it vanilla.” Dillon said as he heard her door lock
disengage, and he opened her car door for her. “Assuming I can find someone to
go missionary with me.”
Calla smiled and hugged him tightly. “You don’t have to go into details. I just
want to know you did it.” She got into her seat. “I’ll see you at the club tomorrow
“Yeah, I’ll be there with my vanilla on.” Dillon joked before shutting the
door. He waited until Calla had started her car and driven out of the lot
before he went over to his own vehicle. He got behind the wheel, locked the
doors, and took his phone out of his jacket pocket. He held his breath as he
looked at the screen. Eight text messages, one from his agent who was beyond
eager to have him back working again and seven from Tiffany Moretz, aka. Holly
Go Lightly, the architect of his current nightmare. Dillon threw the phone onto
the passenger seat and started the car’s engine. He needed to get back to his
loft in Yaletown, have a drink, and think about who the hell he was going to
have some vanilla sex with.

Review by Chill and read

Master Dillon is a famous film star in adult movies, or at list he was until his ex-submissive and fellow adult performer accuses him of domestic violence. Dillon is a well known and settled Dominant but the accusations of abusive behavior affect him greatly. He needs to ensure that he can read a sub clearly and not cause her more pain than she can take. He needs to find himself again before going back to who he was.

To do so, he turns to the new resident psychologist at “The Cage”, the most exclusive BDSM club in Vancouver, run by a good friend of his. Dr Calla Jones will have weekly sessions with him and instruct him to follow her four steps plan for his rehabilitation. That plan is a challenge for Dillon, especially when his ex is still trying to contact him and get him back.

The story is a classical hot steamy erotic romance in a BDSM world. The scenes are not too heavy, but they do include though a lot of sex. A non BDSM fellow can read through it without feeling uneasy.

The novella is a prequel to Take My Hand but it can be read as a standalone.

P Nelson has just started her journey in Erotic Romance this year with her debut novel Take My hand. The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon is a prequel novel to Take My Hand focusing on the character of Master Dillon. Nelson calls Vancouver her hometown and is married with one young daughter. At 6.00 pm most days she can be found with a G&T in one hand and either her daughter or a good book in the other.

Connect with her on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/pnelsonwrites.

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