“Reincarnate” by McKay Mertz #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou

Reincarnate_coverweb“Reincarnate” is a book set in the future, when brain transplants have become a thing and the world is divided and every country is isolated. All boarders are closed and citizens are not allowed to travel between countries. They need to get a special clearance from law enforcement authorities for such an event. Trade is limited within a country and companies cannot interact or cooperate world wide. Even trying new outfits in a store has changed, You don’t need to put the clothes on, just put a headset on and your holograph will try everything out for you.

In this far away, but also close enough world, one person and only one is using those brain transplants. They are used as a weapon, not a cure or treatment. The plan is to have the same brain, or consciousness, be installed in different bodies in order to kill different persons. These people that are attacked, seem to have nothing in common, yet they do. And the reader get’s to know of it later on in the story. This brain calls herself Divest, as she doesn’t want to use her real name for she has now become a monster.

Divest has done the brain transplant thing over a dozens of times. Given this is more of an experiment and not a widely used procedure, she is under monitoring every time of the day and she has to report her status, mentally, physically and mission wise to her handlers. Given the many times she has been through this process her brain begins to degenerate, causing symptoms like the ones in the Alzheimer syndrome and other diseases. She get’s disoriented and she might get confused on who she is and what she is doing there, which could cause many other issues in her mission.

The author has created a possible future based on today’s experience. For example all the terrorism acts, the wall that was build on the southern borders of the US, the situation in North Korea, the hate between the different religions and different kind of thinking. I can pretty much see all these aspects as being parts of what triggered the author to create this world not so far in the future. I can pretty much agree that this is where we are heading, sooner or later.

The story itself is very interesting and has a lot to keep the reader on the book. A former military officer is being blackmailed in order to work for some unnamed organization. They hold her husband hostage in a cryogenic chamber and they are going to kill him if she doesn’t do what they say. Sounds like a plausible scenario to me! The book has a lot of action and a lot of thinking with respect to this new weapon of brain transplants. Apart from that, it seems that there are two big sects in the world for ages and these two are the ones mostly involved in the story. Many know religions or beliefs  can be translated either on one or the other of the two sects. All we need to do, is look around us and we will recognize people belonging on either of them.


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