“Drums of Autumn” by Diana Gabaldon #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou

10988Looks like I’m reading one of the “Outlander” series books every month or so lately! Not bad, given their length! “Drums of Autumn” is the fourth installment in the series and it all feels blare to me. Where one book finishes and where the next one starts! But I will try to make sure that events of this book alone are part of this review. So here it goes!

The Frasers are now in the New World and they try to make a life there. They find their own kinsmen and make new friends. But Jamie Fraser is a man of honor, so he won’t take his aunt’s offering on her estate. He will not take over the old woman’s property, ruling over a number of Scots and a number slaves. He would never put Claire through something as awful as this. Jamie has Fergus with him, as well as his nephew Ian so he will try to find as many more men as he can, men he fought with in Culloden or elsewhere, meh who are still alive and are in America. And he will ask them to join him and live all together in the land he has acquired. He may not have his children with him, but he is glad for the people he has around him.

Brianna is supposed to be safe in the US. Her feelings for Roger and Roger’s feelings for her, persuaded Claire that she’d be fine without her. She would have Roger and Jo Abernathy to look after her. And this is true, until one day, Bree finds something hidden in the historical information from the States’ past, that will send her in a journey back in time, in search of her parents. She needs to make sure that at least her beloved mother stays safe. She also has a curiosity of James Fraser, but she doesn’t know the man yet.

This fourth book is giving parts of Brianna’s and Roger’s present and huge parts of time spent back in the 18th century. We get a bit of man on the moon experience and a bit of savages in the dessert as well in the same book. Gabaldon is trying to show the big difference between the two eras. The past and the future that her time travelers experience. It doesn’t always work great, but still, it’s a beautiful story.

Jamie is such a jealous person in this book. He is jealous over Clair, over Brianna, over anything taht feels close to his heart. He hates Frank, we know that already from previous installments, but in this book he really demonstrates that hatred. Claire is pretty much herself, not taking much into account when there is someone in need and also, being so constantly and overpowering in love with that stubborn Scottish man, that she doesn’t want to spent one more hour away from him, if she can avoid it.

Overall, it is a lovely love story of familiar characters, showing in the best possible way tips of the past and how these affect the characters’ life. An, by all means, I will continue with the series!


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