“La Confrérie des moines volants” by Metin Arditi

25768019Metin Arditi was born in Turkey where he lived until the age of eleven. Then Switzerland became his homeland, where he studied and continues to live. He is a University professor, a musician, a supporter of the arts and a writer, but above all he is a philanthropist.

“The brotherhood of flying monks” is a book about Nicodemus, Russia and the great Russian Church. At the time of the Bolsheviks, the Russian Orthodox Churches are  being vandalized. The priests and the monks are being killed to extinction and the great artifacts and the pieces of art that are the heritage of the faith are being destroyed.

A monk that lives in a distance from it’s monastery, deep in the woods, finds himself alive and away from all this monstrosity. He is an eremite that has not been used to living with his brothers. As the massacres go on, two of his brothers live to tell him that their monastery is now gone. Nicodemus is devastated but he has to think of himself and his brothers and so the fly away as soon as possible. After some time, they reach a location of an old mine and they find a few abandoned cabins. There they settle and they welcome their brothers in the run. As their number turns to twelve, they become the brotherhood of flying monks, dedicated to save the sacred artifacts from the Bolsheviks’ fury.

Years’ later, the saved artifacts are found again, and they are restored to their initial glory. The Russian people are proud of their faith, or at least most of them as there are groups that oppose to this whole story. Nicodemus is declared a neo martyr by the Russian Church for the brotherhood’s activities and for the fact that he died as a martyr taking all the blame for taking the artifacts away and hiding them.

La Confrérie des moines volants


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