“The Invoice” by Jonas Karlsson

27245980The man is living a small life. He is at his thirties, he works part-time at a video club, he has a friend or two and he enjoys a good film and a pizza. Small, not life changing things, that accompany his quiet life, keeping him away from troubles and controversies. From his small apartment, he can see the sun and hear all the summer voices of the nature. Everything is nice and easy, so what more to ask?

One day he receives an invoice for an astronomic fee of a government bureaucracy agency he is not aware of. He has noting to deserve such a fee. He pays his taxes which are rather small, but this one is not going to be paid. Not only because it does not reflect something related to him, but also because it is way far from what he can afford! Our hero starts a marathon calling to the agency’s hotline, trying to get rid of this outrages tax!

Jonas Karlsson creates a very unrealistic, funny and surreal story to make us think that everything in our life has a cost. The sun that we enjoy, the trees and flowers, the nature and the weather. But also the people in this planet, the ones we have in our life and the way we treat them, as well as the way they treat us. Our luck and our way of thinking. Our very existence in this planet costs and we need to pay. Retrospectively.

Life costs, my friends, so bare it in mind!

The Invoice

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