“Frida Kahlo” by Linde Salber

5175yeltifl-_sx332_bo1204203200_Frida Kahlo was a widely recognized Mexican painter painter. Her job has brought Mexican art back to the spotlight and triggered Mexicans to get out of their cocoons and speak up for themselves through their work.

Kahlo was a young girl that had never thought of becoming a painter. She was dedicated to her studies, preparing herself to become a doctor. One day, while on the bus to preparation school with her friend, she was seriously injured in her spine during an accident. At the time she hadn’t noticed that a piece of iron was going through her body and that her blood was painting red her clothes and everything around and below her.

This accident was a turning point for Kahlo, as it detained her on a hospital bed for 9 months and made her see the world from a different view. The book describes how she transformed the hospital room into a studio, having mirrors all over the place and an easel by her bed all the time. This is were Frida Kahlo’s art started to flourish.

Beyond her painting, that is known worldwide, her passion for love, life and fellow painter Diego Rivera, her long life companion and husband, have become her trademarks. Kahlo lived life to the full and for the others. She did not put herself first. She would always care about the others and sympathize.

Kahlo’s paintings are surreal to the bone, on a period that surrealism was flourishing in Europe and unknown in the far land of Mexico. She was painting life as she saw and felt it, her broken body, her miscarriages, her Diego. European and American artists fell in love with her work and she was the first painter to have a solo exhibition in MOMA; a great achievement at the time!

Go look for Frida’s work if you are not yet familiar with it! It will change your mindset!!

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