“A Sisterhood of Women Living Life: A Short Story Collection Book 1” by Cheryl Holloway

29597940This is a collection of short stories, describing how women cope with love and life nowadays. It is a romantic book in general, with a twist on the real life and the burdens it bears down.

There are stories about women of all ages and the themes change in order to cover many of the issues they may fell into. There are different situations and different behaviors for each one of them, but the stories seem to end in a good manner for most of the cases.

The author tries to pass the message of faith, either to God or to ourselves. In a couple of stories we see the religious part really strong, but it was there to provide relief and support and to remind of the higher power that is there for us humans.

It was okay reading, not exciting, just something to pass the time.

A free copy of the book was offered as an exchange for an honest review.

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