“Le Cri Des Pierres” by Gilbert Sinoué

14666752“Le Cri Des Pierres”, (Inch’ Allah #2) or in English “The Scream Of Stone” is the second book in the “Inch’ Allah” Trilogy by Gilbert Sinoué, describing the flaming situation in Middle East from 1956 to the devastating 2001 and the memorable September 11th.

“The Scream Of Stone” is an actual Scream of the people looking for a country, looking for their roots, looking for justice, looking for revenge. As usual, the great forces of the time, had divided the area according to their needs. Governments never cared for the poor citizens, why would they now. But those citizens have now become powerful with the means those external forces gave them. Their belief and their will to become free, as they define freedom themselves not as others do.

Sinoué is a mastermind of historical fiction. He is great in describing a very flowable historical timeframe through the lives of five families, following them from the first book to this one. Heroes of “The Breath of Jasmine” have bread new heroes to thrive for their cause. Either this is the Israeli one or the Palestinian one. Great personalities that most of us have come to know through the 80s and the 90s, pop up from the book’s pages and drive us back to memories of the Palestinian cause negotiations.

It doesn’t tire us though. The description of the historical moments is so vivid and short in length, that is here only to serve the books needs. At least this is the impression we take. Yet again, the reader can see the passion of the two sides, the faults that both have done, the birth of Fatah, Hezbollah, and the very known to all Al-Qaeda. It is more than a reading, it’s history through a nice book. All the facts that are described are justified through sources provided at the end of the book.

The series is a must read for all! As a reminder of what has happened and what can be. People don’t just rouse because of religion and fanatic beliefs. There is a bigger cause behind that and the roots may go really back in time, before we were even born. People are not just crazy fanatics. Yes, there are some lunatics, but they are not all as such…

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