“The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly” by Sun-mi Hwang

17707648This is the story of a hen named Sprout. No longer content to lay eggs on command, only to have them carted off to the market, she glimpses her future every morning through the barn doors, where the other animals roam free, and comes up with a plan to escape into the wild—and to hatch an egg of her own.

Little Sprout manages what she dreamed for and she becomes free! As a dreamer she fights for her freedom and her individuality. She does not accept the life she is destined to live, but she makes her own way. She fights for her survival and she wins. The other animals in the yard, just follow the rules and obey the orders, but this is not what she wants for herself. She will survive as long as she fights for her beliefs, as long as she fights for her dreams and she does not give up.

Little Sprout manages what she dreamed for and she becomes a mother. It is not her egg that she hatches, but this does not mean she won’t love it as if it was hers. Someone else had to leave it alone, but she will not abandon it. She will stand a mother for the little egg and the little bird that is forming inside it. She won’t give up the fight. She won’t let go, even when she realizes that she is now a mother of a little duck!

As a mother of a baby she did not lay, she fights with all the armory she has, her claws and her beak! She is proud of it as the little duck swims in the lake, even though she would like to swim along with it. She protects her baby as every mother would and should do. She sets an example as a mother with her final sacrifice to let her baby fly away and help other babies survive at the same time.

A lovely tail that comes from Korea and is joyfully read both by adults and children. A lesson to us all!

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