“Letters to Love” by Soraya Lane

25704027When her sister Lila and brother-in-law, Gray, die in a car accident, Bella finds herself parenting her two nephews along with Gray’s best friend, Noah, who she actually hates for being a jerk, show off but pretty handsome US Navy SEAL. Both Lila and Gray were military, so the way they died was also a tragic irony. The boys love both their guardians and even if Bella really wants to get rid of Noah, she cannot. She would never add more pain to those two lovely faces.

The book is very emotional, with all the tragic events that come right from the start. The description of the emotions and how the heroes go through them is not a fraud. The author has done a very good job structuring the characters and the way they evolve throughout the book. The heroin is a planner, attentive to details independent woman, that has to sell her condo and pause her work for a while, in order to maintain the possible normality for the two boys. The hero is a tough, “damaged”, military elite guy, who is successful with women and honors Gray’s friendship to the maximum but never wanted children of his own. After all, he is not on a nine to five job, no danger included.

It is a nice, easy read, if you ignore the emotional part. It pays its respects to all the men and women fighting for their home and away from it.

There are some twists, that make the book more interesting as well as a secret that can explain a lot. Yet, there is a little mistake on which night was the sitter after the boys, that would change the scene, but it is not that big deal…

Letters to Love

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