“Whisper” by Heather Hildenbrand

22797518Whisper is the story of a Cherokee young girl, Whisper, who has lost both her parents in a car accident six months ago and is trying to recover ever since. She loves animals and she spends her life trying to help those in need, either being injured or abused by humans. It runs in the family so it is easy for her to support her will. One night, she finds an injured young man in the woods and she immediately steps in and tries to save him. This is the beginning of a romance and of Cherokee adventure at the same time.

This young adult story surprises the reader in a good way. The story develops gradually, keeping some mystery along the way. Even though the villain is revealed up front, the motives behind the actions are not clear, yet the reader would assume the obvious, love and desire, it fells far from that, which is a very good thing! The story is enriched with surprises and twists. The role of the injured young man is kept secret until almost the end of book leaving room for speculations.

The legend that is hidden behind Whisper’s story and the book itself, is remarkable and not found in most YA books. There are no love triangles and teenage heartbreaks. There is romance, though it is strong and built as the story develops. The Cherokee history and customs is found throughout the whole book, along with legends and practices that fascinate the reader in a magical way. Native Americans are people of mother earth, so they are keen on animals and treat them with respect. That said, there is no surprise in the way they are presented by the author.


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