“Finding A Way (Unexpected Love #1)” by T.E. Black

26837118“Finding a way” is the writing debut of T.E. Black, quite promising on the prose, yet you need to like this kind of heroes; the alha-male and the sweet but strong woman. Oh, and  don’t mind the language either!

Callie is retrieving from a very stressful emotional time in her life. She lost her fiance in a car accident, that got get scratches and depression and put her life on hold until feeling ready to live again. When she does, she moves to Chicago to study in the University, leaving with her best friend and her boyfriend.

The boyfriend comes with a best buddy, Mac, who is the total man whore, selecting this way of living after some painful situation in his life too. He was brought up in foster families, until he found his own. He loved a woman that meant the world to him and he lost her in an ugly way. He’s rough around the edges, yet kind and loving. Pretty much, those two are messed up, falling in love, which makes a good story-line.

She does not believe she deserves to fall in love again, only three years after her fiance’s death. This is melancholy talking to her brain, as it does to many people. Many people are struggling with depression, that makes them feel unworthy of love and happiness, and it only takes a really strong feeling and another person to drag them back to the light. To get a second chance.

The story is well written and easy read, which comes to leave the reader in a good mood, ready for the second story in line.

Finding A Way (Unexpected Love #1)

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