“Sydney (Entangle Me #1)” by Maggie Way

31225293Lacey Ryan is a wedding planner, as said a really good one. She is running a business she never thought she would, along with her assistant and good friend Gabe. They are top of the top in Sydney, as Lacey is a control freak and they can undertake last minute weddings. Her latest project is her own wedding, which is a total disaster and a no go at all.

Tristan is Lacey’s brother best friend, who was abroad for a long time. Coming back in Sydney, he meets Lacey out of the blue, in a really difficult situation, and he takes her home to provide her some space to get herself together. Resulting in a breathtaking kiss and a cannot reject business proposition.

The author has created some real life characters. She is the girl next door, close to earth, yet working hard in achieving her goals. Adapting to what seems more appropriate in her environment, without giving away herself in the process. Friendship and human relationships in general, is a big part of the book, apart from the flourishing romance. How everyday routing and focusing on work is wearing down our relationships and the communication with friends and family, and how we select not to fight to strength those bonds and get out of this greedy swamp that takes us down to it.

This new generation is failing to fight for their right to live a decent life, in terms of relationships. People chose to put up with some behaviors and established situations rather than move their feet and claim what;s best for them. Thankfully, this is not the case with all humanity. Some of us still claim our spot in this world on our terms!


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