“Rue Toulouse” by Debby Grahl

23400674“Rue Toulouse” is a vivid suspense romance, aiming to keep the reader’s attention to it all the way. The story unfolds in the beautiful scenery of New Orleans right before and during the Mardi Gras, after Katrina has torn the city apart.

Caterine Doucette,  is one of the young heirs of the Doucette family, among some other cousins, young men and women. Caterine lost her family to an accident she managed to survive and has been living with her grandparents ever since. Actually the whole family lives in the same house, and she has been suffering from the envy and jealousy of her older cousins. Despite that, Caterine has also received a lot of love from her grandparents. Especially her grandmother Miss Dauphine Doucette, who has surrounded the little girl with fond and affection, taking her to the Ma Cherie, a fashion house that belongs to Miss Dauphine and was been passing from generation to generation on the first girl in the family. When Miss Dauphine decides to turn ownership of Ma Cherie to Caterine, instead of her elder granddaughter, things take an unexpected turn.

Remi Michaud is an ex-cop, turned to private investigator after Katrina has shown the real face of most of the NOPD’s police officers. He was born in the Bayou and he has learned to live on little. His simple life is far different than Caterine’s, who he meets in a masquerade ball. The two of them are immediately attracted to each other and having the Mardi Gras as an excuse, they go on to actions they would not be going on any other occasion. At least, that stands for Caterine.

The story-line attracts the ready, while it is the story-telling that actually holds the reader’s attention cover to cover. The author has done a great job, combining the steamy love story with a clever mystery case. The sex comes light in the story, keeping the interest on, while not making it too inappropriate nor an erotic book. The mystery though is even better! The reader is given some clues as the heroes get them, while nothing is certain till the end, where the surprise takes everyone aback! No one could ever see that one coming!


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