“Indebted Heart ” by Measha Stone – #BookReview

31284448“Indebted Heart” is the third book in the “Windy City” series, however it can be read as stand alone!

Alex Trebelli is working as an advertizer, but is also having a secret life that he does not share with his friends. He has opened a new club in the city, including “Top Floor” which is a more private club for those that prefer things to get a little rough. Even though some of his friends have the same habits, he does not wish to come clean about his preferences. Not just yet. In any case, he needs to think of his father, his role model and try not to disappoint him in any way.

Alyssa Sanders has been through a lot as a child. She was being neglected by her mother, a selfish mean creature, even abused by one or two of her mother’s boyfriends. That said, it was never easy for her to have feelings about men and people in general, but one exception. That kind man that every year would think of her and look after her as a child, up to now that she has grown up to be a beautiful lady. She is coming to town to work at a BDSM club, to raise the money needed to refund him for all the goodness and charity he has done to her over all those years.

When Alex and Alyssa meet, there is more than just a sparkle between them. Soon they come close and become lovers, Dominant and submissive, so to speak. She has never been good in the full time D / s relationship but she is willing to try for Alex. He is not that authoritative or strict to her, so she decides to give it a try.

The author has done a really good job in this third book. She has evolved over the series which makes the books easier to process, even for one that is not so much into BDSM. There is a nice story in there, that develops along the way, and a few pretty nice messages that are passed in the process. The protecting part of the man over the woman is very strong in this book as well, and it is all about the safety and well being, without becoming disturbing. It is about feeling free to feel as you feel, to be who you want to be without hiding from the people you love. It is about believing in your own potential.

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