“Combatting Fear” by Sandy Vaile

33793005Kindergarten teacher Neve Botticelli leads a quiet life out in Turners Gully. She is settled there, living with her father, a vietnam veteran with post traumatic issues, that has trained her for battle, may it never come! She loves the kindy and all those little children in there, especially one little buddy, called Rowan. He reminds her of her late brother Carlos.

Self made multi billionair Micah Kincaid though is another story. He turns up in Turners Gully looking for his son. The boy has been dragged out of his life by Micah’s wife, the boy’s mother Chelsea. Micah does not hate her. On the contrary, he does everything he can so both of them live a comfortable life.

Things get complicated when Micah finds himself in the kindy and demands to see his son. Neve refuses to align with his demands as she is trying to protect Rowan. When a biker gang gets involved in the whole situation, it all turns uglier than either of them could think. Neve and Micah have to cooperate if they want to have the boy and his mother safe and back to them.

The story is a romantic suspense one, keeping the reader interested in the whole process. The author has done a wonderful job describing the feelings of the father and the child as such. The pictures we get from the little boy are almost visible! There is nothing ugly with this book. No bad language, hot erotic scenes or anything like that, which is actually good, because a romantic story does not need sex scenes to be appealing. That is if the writer has this kind of talent, and Vaile does!

The suspense part of the story is really good as well! The way it develops is very promising and it does not disappoint the reader up until the end of it. The two old blokes come to add to the spice mix of the equation and it really makes sense to have them there. The characters are thoughtfully chosen and built in a way to serve the story on all levels.

Will surely keep an eye on Vaile in the future. That is one great australian writer!


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  1. Thanks for that insightful review. I’m looking forward to finding lots of great reads on your website.

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