“Snickety Dickety Doo” by Danica-Lea Larcombe #BookReview

“S26372812nickety Dickety Doo” is an intriguing children’s book!

One day, while being out in the yard, Marni digs in the grass to hide a secret wish! While doing so, she finds a tin can that contains nine bubbles! The bubbles look like they have faces! They also look like sleeping! She calls her siblings, George and Fiona, and the three of them try start an adventure with their new little friends. They are going to travel in faraway places and learn so many new things.

It is a pretty well told story! The children are just being children, all different than one another, as siblings usually are. Three different characters that travel the world with their new friends. They come to learn interesting things through this adventure. Apart from visiting other countries and learn on their culture, they also get intrigued to become better in math, so they can handle their pocket money more effectively, even in a different currency. The show interest in foreign languages, since they liked what they heard and picked up in their trips.

It is a book that motivates children to be more adventurous, to try new things, like Japanese food, to try to become better at school so they understand more about the world around them!


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