“Farmer Beau’s Farm” by Kathleen Geiger #BookReview

32790380Farmer Beau’s Farm is an illustrated children’s book.

The story is set on a farm that Farmer Beau and his wife Bamma own. It is a plain old farm with a house and a barn. One day Farmer Beau discovers six little kittens. The couple takes care of the kittens and looks after them. However, as days go by, the kittens leave the farm as most country cats would do, until only one of the is left. The couple tends to the little kitten. After some time the kitten finds a furry ball that becomes her dear friend in almost no time. When they are both settled in the farm, one new member comes to join their little family. That someone is not a farm animal and our little friends are not sure how they feel about this turn of events.

The book is really sweet. It teaches children to be open to the new in their lives and to be giving, without expecting something in return. Just like Farmer Beau and his wife did when the took the six little kittens under their wings. After five of them left the farm to explore the world, the couple did not make a fuss, they just accepted the decisions the now grown kittens made and lived with it. However, they did help the last one that stayed with them.

The couple also was very open to the newcomer which the kitten has welcomed to the farm. The kitten was willing to meet the bunny and to find a safe place for her new friend. She wasn’t afraid of what she might find behind the bush. She dared to go look, as all children should do and what she found was wonderful, a brand new friend!

In the book kitten and bunny hear the farmer couple talking about someone outside of the farm coming to live with them. The couple is very excited and the two little friends are afraid of what this may mean to them. It is just like when a new baby is about to be brought to a family. The older child or children believe they will lose the parents attention or love and they are afraid of the unknown. It is nice to see how the story develops to cast that fear away and bring joy and companionship to the little fellows.

This is an enjoyable book to be read by parents and children in general. There are pretty good themes in there that can bring up discussion on behaviors and relationships. One thing that could not be liked by the reader is how there is a loose end on the other 5 kittens. That can raise questions the parents may not be able to answer. Not all of us are familiar with the animals and how they live around the world, what their habits are and so on.


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