“Ava Moss” by Joss Landry #BookReview

32740450Ava Moss had a lot of trouble growing up, going from foster care to foster care. This is also the reason that took her that long to finish college, as she had to work several parallel jobs to pay for her education. Thankfully, that ended up well when she got a job at a high end firm working on what she studied and loved. Apart from her job though, there is nothing more to lighten her days. No relationship or romance in the horizon.

To the best of her, her two friends are really worried about her well being and one of them decides to gift her a date service. Ava cannot actually reject the offer finds herself looking for the one on the six candidates she has for the night. This is pretty much how she meets Scott, even though he was not actually part of the date, only a guest at the posh restaurant that hosted the event.

Scott has just come back to New York after years in Europe when he got an ultimatum by his fiancee: either go back to US or drop the whole engagement thing. She war tired of Europe, she wanted back in the states. Scott wanted to give her what she asked for. What he didn’t plan though was to fall for Ava. Things get a bit more complicated when it turns out that Scott is a brother to Ava’s current boss and he is going to be her new boss in the newly found department in the company.

The story evolves really beautifully, with the couple being in love and not wanting to let the other half know, given Scott’s engagement. There are some awkward moments and a little esteem issues but it flows nonchalantly all the way. Ava’s friends are really supportive and they are trying to save her from getting her feelings hurt as true friends would do!


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