“Pop-Out Girl” by Irene Woodbury #BookReview

35018566Jen is a Pop-Out girl in Las Vegas shows. She lives a quiet life with her waitress mother in Sin City. She has met a young man, Colton, from Silicon Valley during one of her shows for Colton’s boss. That is all after her ex-boyfriend and first love of hers gets locked up in prison. All is about to change as Zane is released from prison and claims her back in his life.

The story starts pretty fast and engaging with Zane going ballistic over Jen. A Jen who does not want anything to do with him after his drug problem and lock up. She has a smooth life ahead of her and she doesn’t want Zane to abrupt it. But he won’t take no for an answer and he will go beyond logic by kidnapping Jen.

After the kidnapping adventure goes off, we get to know a little bit about everyone in the story. Jen’s mother and how Jen was born. Colton and his family. Colton’s boss and hs whereabouts and off course Zane.

It is a crazy heartbreaking story, where a mother confesses her sins to her only child while waiting for the love of her life to recover from a coma. A young lady finds out about her real life father after over two decades and realizes that had she been with him all along her life and that of her mother’s would be a different one. Difficult choices had to be made at difficult times, under stress and negativity. It goes without saying that “…we are who we are today, because of the choices we made yesterday…”


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