“Just Shut Up and Drive” by Chynna Laird #BookReview

18795405Wil Carter is on his last summer before going to college. He is about to go through it by working his summer job, hanging out with his mates and swimming. Gramps however has his own idea how this summer is about to pass. He has planned a road trip with Wil, and there is no argument on that!

Wil lost his parents to an accident when he was only five years old. Ever since he has been living with his grandfather, Gramps. The old man has taken good care of the boy, but he was not easy on him. Nothing in life comes easy and he wanted Wil to know that and be ready to work harder and fight for what he wanted.

It turns out that Gramps had taken a similar road trip with Wil’s father. The young man is not to find out about that until after they kicked the road. Gramps reveals that his father had been working on a truck so that he would go the same road trip with Wil whne he was of age. Now, they are going to use this truck, Wil and Gramps, instead of Wil and hos father. Not at all a bad idea, as Wil has to work on that old truck a bit to ensure it is ready for the trip. Which is actually a very good way to discuss his father and get to know a few things about him.

Fact is that Wil had not accepted his parents’ death. He wanted to rememeber them and expect them to return. As he grew, he could understand that facts as such do not change, but he could not really come in terms with this aspect of the reality. The trip that Gramps has planned is going to give Wil another view of life and the people he loves. He is going to learn things about his parents and Gramps too, and he is going to cherish it forever.

This coming of age story is about a few more than just getting to know of oneself right before heading off to college. It is also about accepting a loss of loved ones. It is about beimg re-intrpduced to one’s family.




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