“Jane of Manchester” by J.G. Dow

33899109Jane is a 30 year old woman that has been living in Manchester all her life. She works at a florists and is sometimes not so happy with her boss. Well, these things happen in life all the time! Jane also has some very good friends there. Some of them are already married with children, one of them just got proposed and is about to get married and others are single like her or have a relationship.

At this age she realizes that at some point she needs to get her life moving. She should find someone to love and maybe get married. Only that these things are not by order! She cannot really push it, until she finds someone.

The book is structured in a journal-like narration. The reader gets her thoughts and emotions in paper, however these are not overanalyzed as someone may expected. It is more from a man’s point of view, simple and practical. There is no fairy tail or romantic touch, however there is someone over whom Jane seems to fall.

That girl’s life gets pretty crazy though. After work drinks that last till late night on a working day. Crazy girlfriends on a trip. Some pretty easy babysitting hours.

Jane of Manchester