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23530204Alexandra de Falla is a half-English half-Spanish young woman who was raised by her Aunt Geraldine in England, when her parents were separated and her mother was lost. She was become a beautiful woman and an author of romantic novels. After all those year growing up in England, she decides to travel to Spain and reunite with her long-estranged family.

Her arrival at El Pavon is not exactly the warm welcome of a loving family she expected. The de Fallas are riven with seething emotions, full of do’s and don’ts. Alexandra is trying to balance between her love at first sight with the country of wine, paella and flamenco and the customs and traditions of Andalucia, so foreign to her. Even so, she founds affection in the person she never thought she would. Her grandmother, the duquesa, Dona Maria Dolores, was the one that never accepted her mother and that made Alexandra feel distant to her, while the two of them were living so far away from each other. On the contrary, once they are close, they make a strong family bond and Alexandra feels safe around the duquesa.

Apart from a loving grandmother and a mischievous family, the young woman finds love in the face of a tall, handsome, masculine and honorable spaniard, Salvador. Salvador is heading the family business along with the duquesa, even though he is not a relative by blood, but an adopted one. However, he fully supports the family interests and honors his heritage. Alexandra falls from him from the first time she lays eyes on him and she is surprised by her own feelings.

This is a story of love and affection and finding one’s true identity. This is a must read for all lovers of the romantic genre, as it is a quality read full of strong emotions and the uncertainty of those who love and are not convinced their love is answered.

Hannah Fielding’s penn is remarkably passionate. Her descriptions of emotions and feelings is so strong as if the reader is actually there and can see and feel for themselves the true anguish in the heroine’s face. She tells tales and legends of Spain and the Spaniard way of living. The rules that have to be followed, the climate of the post war Spain, the traditions that prevail over logic, and so on.

The beautiful descriptions of the surroundings transfer the reader right in the heart of Andalucia. It is a fact that she can really transfer all the beauty of that marvelous region into paper and vividly create the wonderful setting behind the reader’s eyes. The details she shares are part of the story in a way to give more attention to the actual events or emotions of her heros.

“Indiscretion” is the perfect opening for the “Andalucían Nights” Trilogy and the first of Fielding’s books that I read. Will most definitely seek to her other writings as well! Oh, and that beautiful cover is now on perfect display on my bookshelf!


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About the Author

Portrait of Hannah Fielding and photos of where she writes.Hannah Fielding is an incurable romantic. The seeds for her writing career were sown in early childhood, spent in Egypt, when she came to an agreement with her governess Zula: for each fairy story Zula told, Hannah would invent and relate one of her own. Years later – following a degree in French literature, several years of travelling in Europe, falling in love with an Englishman, the arrival of two beautiful children and a career in property development – Hannah decided after so many years of yearning to write that the time was now. Today, she lives the dream: writing full time at her homes in Kent, England, and the South of France, where she dreams up romances overlooking breath-taking views of the Mediterranean.

To date, Hannah has published five novels: Burning Embers, ‘romance like Hollywood used to make’, set in Kenya; the award-winning Echoes of Love, ‘an epic love story that is beautifully told’ set in Italy; and the Andalucian Nights trilogy (Indiscretion, Masquerade and Legacy), set in sultry Spain.

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