“In the Vines” by Shannon Kirk

37557485Mary Olivia Pentecost, known as Mop, is who this book starts with. She is hiding in a burned cellar, along with someone else, a companion, while a mad woman holding a bloody hatchet is ramagings her Aunty’s lawn looking for them. That’s quite a scene to start a crazy book like this one!

The story goes like this. Two years after her mother has died, Mop is seeking closure, by driving to her Aunty’s New England estate. Aunty Liv used to be the closest relative Mop had, besides her mother. She practically lived in the Aunty’s house, when not in the family Rye estate. And so was her mother.

However, the person Mop finds is not the Aunty Liv she once knew and cherished. She has changed and the secrets she has been keeping for two years now have come to haunt her. How many secrets can a wealthy family have and how can they affect Mop’s life? She is about to find out!

Shannon Kirk has her own writing style that can drive a reader mad, until they understand what is actually happening. In this one, Kirk has created a dark Gothic atmosphere to support her narration.

The games a mind can play on a person are the protagonist here. Several of those have been going through the main characters, creating this creepy, crazy setting the book lies on. It’s when you lose track of time and reality and even yourself that unexpected things happen. The main characters are as crazy as hell, and that’s an understatement! Past events, have led to the awful horrible situation Mop finds herself in the very first chapter, but they are also hidden behind what happened two years ago, during the night of the fire and maybe a couple days earlier.

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