“Saving Ivy” by Emily Reilly #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


48054242The days we live are full of sorrow stories. People have lost their humanity and are transformed into monsters, craving for money and power. They don’t care about anyone else but themselves. One of these creatures is Ivy’s dad, Joseph.

Ivy lives with her mother Mary-Anne and father Joseph. That is when Joseph is at home and hasn’t left them for days. Unfortunately, it’s one of those cases where the man was forced into something he didn’t want, but he has convinced himself that he can do. Given that he doesn’t care about his family, he treats them bad. He abuses his wife for years and she still stays with him, as she doesn’t want to let their family fall apart. Because she has convinced herself that she will not make it without him. Because she feels less of herself, after all these years she’s spent under his influence.

This is a sad story, which aims to point out all the wrongs in our lives and help us get out of similar situations. One theme is domestic abuse. Women like Mary-Anne are afraid of their abusive husband not only for them, but also for their children. They may be the ones receiving all the abusive behavior, but they don’t want to change that afraid of what that mean for their children. Afraid of retaliation. Afraid that they won’t be able to run away into safety along with their children, thinking that their husband is so powerful that will find them wherever they go and he will get revenge for what they had him go through. There are a number of organizations in most countries, helping out these women get away from abusing husbands or boyfriends. All they have to do is reach out.

The other major issue here is suicide. I don’t have much to say about that, other that it requires proper help. In most of the cases, friends and family don’t see the signs of  a person having suicidal thoughts until it’s way too late. Such a person won’t confide these thoughts to anyone, feeling no-one is able to help them. They just want to be left alone to go on with what they have planned. They believe they are not worthy of a life, that they shouldn’t be around in this world, that there won’t be a single person missing them. This is exactly the reason they need to be treat by doctors, professionals that know the right way to address their psychology and the issues that cause these thoughts and actions. But it is very difficult to get them to open up and speak freely so it requires a lot of courage and will and patience. If you recognize similar behaviors among your friends or family, please try to find a way to help them. Ask for professional advice and try to make them feel welcome.


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